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  • Forum Guidelines and Help

    This guide is meant to help new users of the forum navigate around and get the most use out of the tool. This will be an evolving document as we grow into it.

    • Forums - Most of the content on here will be on the discussion forums. This is where all members can post topics and get information. This section is not visible to non-registered members.
    • Blogs - Every registered member has space for their own personal blog. This is meant for longer posts, or serial posts that would be less organized on the forum. When you create a blog, you can set co-authors to manage it with you. These are also not seen by non-registered users. This is your own personal space if you want to start a weekly Crabbie's Corner or Fear Iontach.
    • Articles - These are meant for club-wide announcements and advertising. Only moderators and administrators can post these, and they can be seen by anyone, including non-registered users
    • Groups - Small discussion forums that can be public or private, meant to organize discussions specific to groups of people. This can include event committees, city league teams, and more.
    Users are able to subscribe to any of the above channels. Typically there is a subscribe button on the right side of the page. You can subscribe at the channel level, or at more specific levels. For instance, you can subscribe to a single post on a forum and only receive updates when comments are added to that post. You can manage your subscription notifications in your User Settings.

    If you want to receive email notifications when a thread or blog that you have subscribed to gets a reply or a new post, you will need to turn this feature on in your User Settings. You can set this to send an email whenever there is a new notification, or you can have it send in summaries; for instance, one email weekly with updates to your subscribed channels.